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comPOUND®: for modular sample storage

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comPOUND®: for modular sample storageProduct description

Screening from your biological sample or compound library?
■     Do you need rapid access to a range of library subsets from your sample storage system?
■     Do you want to minimise sample degradation as a result of repeated freeze/thaw cycles?

SPT Labtech’s comPOUND sample storage system gives you the ability to:
■     select any library subset quickly to meet the needs of your screening department.
■     reduce potential damage to library stocks by only cherry-picking the samples you need.
■     ensure sample integrity with temperature controlled, dry, inert, hermetically sealed environment.
■     ensure throughput grows with your library by processing samples in parallel.
■     easily expand your sample storage capability. Additional modules can be integrated in response to growing library size.

The comPOUND modular system comprises a high-density sample storage unit and an additional suite of specialised delivery and processing modules to enable easy integration into any compound management or screening system.

You can minimise your initial investment in capital equipment, yet still grow your library and your throughput when required.

comPOUND®: for modular sample storageapplication area

SPT Labtech's comPOUND® sample storage offers you the flexibility to store a wide range of biological and chemical libraries in a hermetically-sealed inert environment. You can configure each module to store samples at the appropriate temperature ranging from -20°C to ambient, according to the biochemical nature, solvent and stability of the compound.

Sample retrieval and analysis

Laboratories are increasingly automating biological and chemical sample storage and supply. Integration of sample storagewith liquid handling robots typically requires the complex integration of these platforms. Using comPOUND’s software, automation of compound management is easy. You can specify plate locations for each retrieved sample to generate plate formats that link seamlessly to pre-existing work platforms and liquid handling programs.

For example, TaqMan screening primers can be "dialled up" so they are delivered in a format ready for immediate use. A 2D bar code on each tube is read on the way into and out of the store ensuring the correct sample is delivered.

Additional comPOUND products offer a range of compound management solutions enabling manual front of store retrieval through to remote delivery and walk away overnight processing. These solutions are capable of providing a fully automated solution to reliable and secure sample handling.  

comPOUND®: for modular sample storagetechnical parameter


1200mmx1650mmx2355mm(47 x 65 x 93") (w x d x h)

Storage vessels

0.5ml、1.4ml microtubes with 2D DataMatrix barcode

Storage and delivery format

96 position SBS racks


Up to 200,000 microtubes/module


From ambient to -20°C (+/-1°C)



comPOUND®: for modular sample storageRemarks and notes


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