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mosquito® HTS: for nanolitre liquid handling

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mosquito® HTS: for nanolitre liquid handlingProduct description

Both SPT Labtech’s mosquito HTS  and mosquito HV make assay miniaturization for high-throughput screening simple, leading to significant savings on precious reagents and time. Both instruments are ideal for multi-user labs as you can just walk up to either one and use it.

Using mosquito HTS means you can prepare “assay ready” plates containing test compounds direct from library stocks or dilution plates, as the disposable micropipettes guarantee zero carry-over between samples. mosquito HTS can aspirate from any source plate leaving dead volumes of less than 0.5μL – both critical cost areas to consider when capitalizing on the savings of assay miniaturisation for high throughput screening assays.

You can easily program mosquito HTS to perform traditional serial dilutions by aspirating, dispensing and mixing across a plate using miniaturised volumes ranging from 25nL-1.2μL. This allows you to effectively perform hit-confirmation from high-throughput screening assays using multiple compound concentrations.

SPT Labtech's mosquito HTS has an optional bulk dispenser module which allows rapid high and low volume pipetting steps to be combined within the same protocol.

■     Flexible
■     Reliable and robust
■     Cost effective
■     High throughput
■     User friendly
■     Highly accurate and reproducible

mosquito® HTS: for nanolitre liquid handlingapplication area

■     Assay miniaturization
High precision pipetting from 25nL to 1.2μL for intermediate volume and ‘near assay’ source plate creation.

■     Serial dilution
mosquito HTS can create 0.5μL – 1μL total volume serial dilutions, automatically dispending at high speed. For example, an 11 point low volume dilution series can be dispended in 1.5mins. Alternatively, mosquito HTS can create volumetric dose response curves in one protocol, using the bulk dispense head to create the ‘pre-dilution’ compound stocks and the mosquito head for low volume pipetting.

■     Plate replication and reformatting
mosquito HTS enables easy and accurate plate reformatting between 96, 384, 1536 well plate, including replicating mother plates into high-density, low-volume daughter plates within 1.5mins.

mosquito® HTS: for nanolitre liquid handlingtechnical parameter

Dispense range

25nL – 1200nL

Plate capacity

Up to 5

Plate format


Dead volume in well


Min accessible volume



400x500x690mm (w x d x h)




110V/220V single phase 50/60 Hz


64dBA peak noise during operation

mosquito® HTS: for nanolitre liquid handlingRemarks and notes


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