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mosquito® crystal: for protein nanoliter pipetting

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mosquito® crystal: for protein nanoliter pipettingProduct description

With mosquito Crystal you can use smaller volumes of precious protein sample with no risk of cross contamination, resulting in cost savings and allowing more extensive screening. You can automate all the popular protein crystallization techniques; hanging drop, sitting drop, microbatch as well as seeding or additive screening plate preparation, without the need to make setup changes to the instrument.

mosquito’s accuracy and repeatability means you can place drops centrally in the sub-wells of sitting-drop plates every time. Precise drop placement facilitates automated analysis, thus making your protein crystals easier to identify.

SPT Labtech’s mosquito Crystal also allows you to create several multi-component drops per well, even in 96-well hanging drop set-ups so you can assess different protein concentrations at the same time.  mosquito's unique nanolitre liquid handling technology can perform multiple aspirations before a single dispense, which is essential for automating additive screening. You can even dispense a combination of solutions simultaneously – with additional mixing if required – ensuring perfect drop formation for optimal protein crystallization.

Main features:

■     Low volume liquid handling
         ●    Accurate and reproducible pipetting throughout the 25nL to1.2μL
         ●    Precise low volume sample handling across a vast viscosity range
         ●    Disposable low volume tips, eliminating the need for tip washing and guarantees zero cross-contamination

■     Flexibility and precision
mosquito is a flexible accurate nanoliter pipettor capable of fast automated set ups for a range of crystallization techniques.
         ●    Rapid set up times of under 2 mins/plate
         ●    Precise, low volume pipetting from positive displacement tips
         ●    Highly accurate drop positioning

■     Robust and reliable
mosquito can reliably dispense all liquid types with unrivalled accuracy and repeatability
         ●    Ideal for first time users and multi-user environments due to its ease of set up and use
         ●    No need to recalibrate between experiment or different liquid classes
         ●    Unrivalled reliability
         ●    Perfect drop dispending every time

SPT Labtech’s mosquito crystal, is the protein crystallographer’s favourite instrument. It makes protein crystallization screening faster, more cost-effective and quite simply easier than ever before.

mosquito® crystal: for protein nanoliter pipettingapplication area

With mosquito® Crystal you can use smaller volumes of precious protein sample with no risk of cross contamination, resulting in cost savings and allowing more extensive screening. You can automate all the popular protein crystallization techniques; hanging drop, sitting drop, microbatch as well as seeding or additive screening plate preparation, without the need to make setup changes to the instrument.

mosquito’s accuracy and repeatability means you can place drops centrally in the sub-wells of sitting-drop plates every time. Precise drop placement facilitates automated analysis, thus making your protein crystals easier to identify.

SPT Labtech’s mosquito Crystal also allows you to create several multi-component drops per well, even in 96-well hanging drop set-ups so you can assess different protein concentrations at the same time. mosquito's unique nanolitre liquid handling technology can perform multiple aspirations before a single dispense, which is essential for automating additive screening. You can even dispense a combination of solutions simultaneously – with additional mixing if required – ensuring perfect drop formation for optimal protein crystallization. 

mosquito® crystal: for protein nanoliter pipettingtechnical parameter

Dispense range

25nL – 1200nL

Plate/deck capacity

2 or 5

Experimental setup type

Hanging drop, sitting drop, microbatch, bicelle

Plate set up time


Dead volume in well


Min accessible volume



390x470x690mm (w x d x h)




110V/220V single phase 50/60 Hz


64dBA peak noise during operation

Optional extras

Humidity chamber

mosquito® crystal: for protein nanoliter pipettingRemarks and notes


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