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acumen® Cellista : for high content screening

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acumen® Cellista : for high content screeningProduct description

For high content screening, SPT Labtech’s acumen® Cellista is the fastest imaging system available today. It allows you to collect and simultaneously analyze over 40 images/second, covering every cell within the entire well area.

acumen® Cellista offers you:
■   High content screening
■   Whole well analysis as standard
■   Simultaneous data capture and analysis for high throughputs
■   Simplicity and ease of use

acumen® Cellista performs cell-based high content screening using up to three lasers from a range between 405 - 640 nm. Simultaneous four colour detection for each laser provides you with content-rich data. These features enable you to combine a wide range of fluorescent reagents in multicolour, multiplexed assays.

acumen® Cellista allows you to achieve throughputs of over 300,000 wells per day. Now in its third generation, it has become the benchmark platform for many high content screening organisations.

SPT Labtech's acumen® Cellista can be applied to the quantitative analysis of a broad range of biological applications including cell cycle, colony formation, C elegans, multiplexed toxicity testing, viral infectivity, protein kinase activity and reporter gene assays.

■   Laser scanning imaging with acumen  
SPT Labtech's acumen® Cellista is a unique laser scanning imaging cytometer which is available in single, dual, or triple laser configurations with a choice of lasers ranging from 405nm to 633nm, ensuring compatibility with a wide variety of fluorescent probes.
This laser scanning imaging cytometer operates by passing a laser through a widefield objective across the bottom of a microplate or slide. This allows you to rapidly analyse whole wells with resolution equivalent to a 20x microscope objective. The speed of data acquisition is not affected by plate density and microplate types ranging from 24-well up to 3456-well (or 4 microscope slides) can be analysed at speeds of 6 minutes per plate. Uniquely, these scan times include data acquisition, data analysis and export.

■   Easy entry to high-content screening 
acumen® Cellista’s laser scanning imaging approach makes it very easy to get into high content screening and is ideally suited to core labs. The easy-to-use software is template driven and has been designed for multiple user environments.

■   Whole well analysis 
The acumen® Cellista laser scanning imaging cytometer is equipped with a specialised widefield objective lens which can scan entire wells and report data for all cells. This allows you to:
      ●overcome problems with patchy cell distribution and generates statistically robust data from heterogenous cell populations
      ●normalise biological responses to a total cell number
      ●detect rare events
      ●scan large objects (such as C. elegans or cell colonies) without the need for time-consuming image stitching
      ●Image analysis and export

acumen® Cellista employs cytometric principles to rapidly obtain and analyse high quality imaging data. In addition, you can simultaneously export whole well open-source TIFF files compatible with most image analysis packages. The acumen laser scanning imaging cytometer allows you to perform a rapid primary screen of compounds or RNAis whilst exporting open-source TIFF files for subsequent secondary analysis or hit confirmation studies using existing image analysis packages; all without the need to prepare a new set of plates. This new screening paradigm represents a major breakthrough in how acumen can be applied to complex cellular models.

acumen® Cellista : for high content screeningapplication area

acumen® Cellista offers a highly flexible approach to cell-based screening and imaging. It’s designed for the rapid, quantitative analysis of thousands of cells in a well for a broad range of biologically relevant assays to support lead compound discovery, target validation, functional genomics, metabolism and toxicology. acumen® Cellista is proven to be the industry standard cell-based screening platform in the following areas:

■    System biology
Not only is acumen® capable of providing information on the effect of compounds on colony formation and tissue structure, but with its wide depth of field it can also easily analyze 3D cultures and whole small organisms such as C. elegans, Zebrafish and Drosophila larvae.

■    Cell signaling
Determining how lead compounds affect cellular pathways can give valuable insight into their mechanisms of action. acumen® has been used for the following assays:
  Protein kinase profiling, protein translocation, reporter gene activation, GPCR screening.

■    Cell health
acumen®  Cellista offers a diverse selection of assays to measure various aspects of cell health. These include:  Cell viability, apoptosis,cytotoxicity, proliferation.

■    Cell biology
Understanding how cells work is key to developing novel therapeutics. acumen® Cellista supports a number of key assays vital to any cell biologist:  Cell cycle analysis, mitotic index, colony formation, cell migration, cell invasion, chemotaxis, angiogenesis.

acumen® Cellista : for high content screeningtechnical parameter

Detection technology

Laser scanning imaging cytometry

Laser excitation

Up to 3 solid state laser in a single instrument (choice includes 405、488、561、633nm)


4 colors simultaneously per laser using photomultiplier tubes


Equivalent to a 20X microscope objective

Sample format

24、96, 384, 1536 and 3456 SBS-format microplates; slides


Typically 8 minutes including data analysis, regardless of plate type

File size

Down to 50KB per plate in HTS mode (CSV file)

File export

CSV、FCS and open TIFF(8-&16-bit)

PC operating system

Microsoft Windows 7(Professional)


Stand-alone, self-maintained workstation or fully integrated

Laser safety

Class 1 laser product


670mm x 504mm x 350mm (w x d x h)

Net weight

Approx 50kg (110lbs)


110/230V single phase 47/63Hz 800W

acumen® Cellista : for high content screeningRemarks and notes


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