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       LBD Life Sciences Limited is the subsidiary of SPT Group, founded in Shanghai, focusing on serving customer in biotech/pharmaceutical companies, CRO, research institutions and hospitals in China.

SPT Labtech is an international leader in the design and development of automated instrumentation and consumables for life science research. For 18 years, SPT Labtech has designed and manufactured robust, reliable and easy-to-use liquid handling, sample management, Cryo-EM and multiplexed detection solutions that empower scientists. The company's products streamline critical workflows and increase agility, efficiency and productivity across drug discovery, structural biology, genomics, Cryo-EM, sample management and biobanking.

In 2007, the SPT Labtech Asia office was established. After entering the Chinese market, its full line of products has been well developed in the Chinese market, and its reputation and popularity have gradually increased. The team has also gained customer recognition with dedicated and professional services. Based on the confidence in the continued development of the Chinese market, and firmly believe that China's production, research and development resources are highly complementary to SPT Labtech's innovation ability. In 2010 SPT Labtech jointly registered LBD Life Sciences to market and support SPT Labtech's full line of products. In 2020, SPT Group acquires LBD Life Sciences, LBD has been embedded into SPT Group aggressive growth plans. As a result of this acquisition SPT extends its commercial reach into the rapidly growing Chinese life sciences research market.

Products include:

1)        comPOUND, a modular system comprises a high-density sample storage unit and an additional suite of specialized delivery and processing modules to enable easy integration into any compound management or screening system.

2)        arktic, the low footprint, high capacity storage solution to -80°C biobanking. Using SPT Labtech’s proprietary pneumatic transport technology, arktic gives you unrivalled robustness and reliability for all your -80°C storage requirements.

3)        Lab 2 lab, a novel laboratory automation management solution to optimize access to your analytical instrumentation.

4)        mosquito: a nano-liter liquid handler enabling miniaturization of the assay and widely used in structural biology, genomics and drug discovery

5)        dragonfly: enables innovative, low volume liquid dispensing that is compatible with a wide range of applications including molecular biology and genomics.

6)        mirrorball: a re-engineered cytometry to revolutionize immunoassay workflows, delivering data-driven decisions faster, within budget and with confidence

7)        chameleon, a blot-free, pico-liter sample vitrification instrument specifically designed to provide a rapid and efficient path to quality frozen grids for cryo-EM

LBD is also the distributor of some excellent brands and technology including MSD, Yokogawa JansiKBiosystemsMicronicZiathBasque and HTD Dialysis.

LBD’s vision is to be the most reliable technical advisor for scientists to accelerate life science research. Through LBD Life Sciences, you can:

■   Enjoy a network of high-rated suppliers and in-time delivery of quality product

■   Enjoy cutting edge technology, world leading products

■   Enjoy first-rate products and service

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